About Us

Eagle's Eye Regulated Non-WDT Sacco Society Ltd.
Is now a regulated by Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA) since June 2021.


The idea of starting this Sacco was mooted in 1988, by the workers of the then African Christian Church of East Africa (ACCEA) Thika Branch and its associated projects, which included a Vocational Training College and a community development project.

Although the initiative started as a“Mwethya” Kamba word for a merry-go-round group, it was founded on the then existing Sacco principles. The main purpose of starting this initiative was to provide an avenue through which church workers could save part of their earnings and be able to secure loans for personal development.

The Challenge & Solution

By the end of December 1988, the SACCO as it used to be referred although not registered had a membership of 11 people.  The membership of the SACCO continued to grow and by the year 1994 we had about 25 members.  Currently (2019) the SACCO can boast of a membership of over 1100 members.

With this growth, the need to register the SACCO with the ministry of Co-operative Development became a necessity.  In 1996 we started the process of registration of the SACCO and on the 23rd day of October 1997, we became a registered SACCO (Registration No. CS/8262) under the name African Christian Church Staff Savings & Credit Cooperative Society Ltd and the SACCO was issued with a certificate of registration. 


With the growing demand for the Sacco’s services from people outside of the Christian Church International, coupled with the need to adopt a modern and dynamic outlook, the Sacco has since re-branded to Eagles Eye Sacco Limited.

With this new and bold outlook, Eagle’s Sacco wishes to play a more significant role in the financial empowerment of our members. We aspire to become the one-stop-shop for all our members’ savings and credit needs.

Currently, the SACCO is now regulated by Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA) since June 2021.

African Lady Pointing

Medals of Honour

The following certificates were awarded by the ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development-  Department of Cooperatives. This rating was done within Thika District (Thika East & Thika West) in 2013.

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