In order to be successful in a fast changing business environment, Eagle’s Eye SACCO Ltd has to acquire an internal capacity for proactive planning and self-control by setting performance standards and putting in place a mechanism for continuous monitoring and evaluation.  The strategic plan covering the period 2015-2019 is an attempt by Eagle’s Eye SACCO to be proactive in its performance management and be in control of its activities.

Below is Eagle’s Eye SACCO objectives/goals the period 2015 – 2019:

  • To embrace appropriate technology in our service delivery and communication.
  • Increase membership by 70 members every year.
  • Enhance capital base.
  • Product diversification.
  • Start income generating activities.
  • Evaluation of strategic plan.

Objective 1

So far by this year 2016, we have developed a SACCO website and have availed all our forms online.  We have embraced communication to members through email because most of them have submitted their email addresses.  Electronic Money Transfer is now in place.  Pay-bill service is also in place.  Education on applied technology has been a continuous activity.

Objective 2

From 2015 to date, we have recruited 177 members making a total of 400 active members.  This has been possible through the marketing team we set up and through our members as well.  Out of the 400, 24 are corporate bodies.

Objective 3

We have continually enhanced our capital base.  We have raised it from 11.7m to 40m.  A budget committee has been set up which monitors our budget.

Objective 4

We have fully rolled out a housing scheme by 2015 as had been set in our plan which is fully registered under the name Eagle’s Wings Housing Co-operative Society Ltd.  So far it has 120 active members with a capital base of 11m.  We are now exploring the possibilities of a Front Officer Service (FOSA).

Objective 5

The possibilities of starting Mpesa dealership is underway.

Objective 6

We have already developed a personnel policy and code of conduct for both management committee and members.

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